Sales & Marketing Series

10-11 Maret     Developing & Writing: Corporate Credit Proposal
10-11 Maret     Marketing Support & Sales Admin Development Program *
11-12 Maret     How to Utilize People & Technology to Win The Market
11-12 Maret     Sales Performance Improvement For Extraordinary Result
12-13 Maret     Advanced Digital Marketing & Foundation for Growth Hacking
12-13 Maret     Creative Promotion & Campaign Management
12-13 Maret     Sales Oriented – Customer Service *
12-13 Maret     Successful Selling Skills with Ethical Hypnosis
18-19 Maret     Marketing Research For Business Using SPSS (Workshop with Business Case Studies), bonus: 1 month online coaching for research problem
19-20 Maret     Presentation & Selling Skills Using Story-Telling *
19-20 Maret     Optimizing in Growing Your Business with E-commerce

Credit & Collection Series

10-11 Maret      Antisipasi Pemalsuan Dokumen, Tanda Tangan, dan Mafia Fraud
10-11 Maret      Professional Debt Collection Skill for Financial Technology Industry
10-11 Maret      Collection for Insurance – Basic
11-12 Maret      Anticipating and Preventing Techniques of Money Laundering
11-12 Maret      Graphonomy & Graphology for Credit Analyst
11-12 Maret      Effectivitas Transactional Banking for Back Office
11-12 Maret      Collection Target Fixing & Motivation Charge Up
12-13 Maret      Daily, Weekly & Monthly Analytics for Collection Leaders
12-13 Maret      Professional Debt Collection Skills
12-13 Maret      Collection for Corporate & Commercial Credit
12-13 Maret      Advance Credit Analyst for Corporate Commercial
12-13 Maret      Restrukturisasi Kredit untuk Kartu Kredit & Negosiasinya untuk Kartu Kredit, KTA & Mikro
17-18 Maret      Collection Negotiation Intermediate Skills
18-19 Maret      Mortgage Credit Analysis Training
18-19 Maret      Collection for Insurance – Intermediate
18-19 Maret      Pembuatan Struktur Fasilitas Kredit dan Mitigasi Resikonya
18-20 Maret     Teknik Interview & Investigasi Terselubung Bagi Internal Audit
19-20 Maret     Mananging Corporate Collection
19-20 Maret     Hukum Perkreditan Tingkat Lanjut

HR Series

5-6 Maret          Corporate Performance Excellent Using Baldridge Method
10-11 Maret       On Boarding & Knowledge Transfer
10-11 Maret       How To Make an Effective Fair Performance Appraisal & Evaluation
10-11 Maret       People (HR) Analytics: For HR & Non HR Professional
11-12 Maret       HR consulting skills for HR Professional: Core skills to ensure excellent strategies to implementation
11-12 Maret       Business Acumen: Think, Sense & Act like CEO
12-13 Maret      Managing People and Managing Talent in Generation YZ *
12-13 Maret      Digital Mindset & capability Development Based on Era 4.0
17-18 Maret      Professional Capability Development Towards Industry 4.0
19-20 Maret      Designing & Building Unique & Sustainable Organizational Culture
19-20 Maret      Competency Based On Human Resource Management In Manufacturing Industry
26-27 Maret      Build a Great and Strong Corporate Culture

Finance Series

11-12 Maret       Financial Credit Rating & Scoring
14-15 Maret       Finance For Non Finance Executive
17-18 Maret       Actuarial – Calculation of The Risk Value
18-19 Maret       Cost Tracking vs Scheduling Analysis Model in Project Management
19-20 Maret      Simple Methode of Corporate Tax Calculation PPN – PPH
19-20 Maret      Cash Flow & Credit Management

Office & Administration Series

10-11 Maret       Excel & PowerPoint for Powerful Business Application
11-12 Maret       Interactive Dashboard with Microsoft Excel
11-12 Maret       Managing General Affairs Excellence
12-13 Maret       Document Management 4.0 (Advance E-Filing preparing for BlockChain, IOT & Artificial Intellligence Era) comply to UU ITE
12-13 Maret       Manajemen Filing & Tata Kelola Kantor
12-13 Maret       Microsoft Excel VBA (Macros) Complete Beginner
17-18 Maret       Purchasing Excellence Administration
18-19 Maret       Integrated Production Management
18-19 Maret       Distribution Management

Leadership & Managerial Series

10-11 Maret       Modern Presentation skills: Combining Story Telling, Doodly, Storyline and Video-Sound Creation
10-11 Maret       Creative Leadership & Management For Better Results *
10-11 Maret       Hypnotic Business Presentation Skills, Powerpoint Short Cut & Keyboard Maximization
10-12 Maret       Management Skills for New Manager *
11-12 Maret        Corporate Negotiation: 99 tactics
11-12 Maret        Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills *
11-12 Maret        Five Core Leadership Skills Translated to POCE (For Managers & Senior SPV) *
12-13 Maret       Winning Negotiation Skills *
12-13 Maret       Innovative Leadership for Changes *
12-13 Maret       Social Media Advocate: Managing Customer Complaint & Review
17-18 Maret        Lean System Deployment Strategy
17-18 Maret        Innovative, Sistematic & Lateral Thinking Skills for Leader *
17-18 Maret        Distance Coaching & Mentoring using Digital approach
18-19 Maret        Modern Project Management: Combining Scrum & Sprint
18-19 Maret        Effective Supervision & Coaching for Higher Productivity *
18-20 Maret        Leading & Motivating with NLP
19-20 Maret        Appreciative Inquiry Application in Resolving Conflict, Executive Coaching, Change Management and Business Transformation
19-20 Maret         Improve Our Mind To Fast Shift Our Ability To Achieve Company Target
19-20 Maret         Manajemen Emosi, Tempramen & Kontrol Diri untuk Leader *
19-20 Maret         Keterampilan Komunikasi dalam Rapat & Diskusi *
23-24 Maret         Innovative Business Thinking & Productive Creativity With IDEO & XQ Principles
26-27 Maret         Modern Leadership Skills: How Leaders Managing Team by Data in the Era of Analytics

Training Series

12-13 Maret          Train The Trainer For Outbound (Indoor-Outdoor) Activity
17-19 Maret           How To Conduct TNA, Creating Training Material & Measuring Training Effectivity *
19-20 Maret          Menyusun Kurikulum Pelatihan Berbasis Kompetensi *

Other Series

11-12 Maret            Persiapan Pra Pensiun
12-13 Maret            Information Security Awareness
13-14 Maret            Persiapan Pra Pensiun : Mendirikan atau Mengembangkan Bisnis Mini Market
19-20 Maret            Basic of Six Sigma Implementation
19-20 Maret             Training Green Belt Six Sigma

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